Developed to facilitate the way the tourist travels. Getting closer to the comfort and excellence of those who travel with the support of a "concierge", the LOCAL platform arrives on the market to unite the two points of a city. The local citizen with the tourist. The knowledge of those who live in the city and those who want to explore for the first time. It is in this connection that we focus on strengthening in order to build a better trip and a truly local experience through the eyes of those who live in the city.

Separated by 4 major categories (sport, culture, lifestyle, gastronomy) LOCAL distinguishes itself from other platforms in the market by the aggregation of different services available in the city and by being based on people. We believe that cities are made by people and here are the protagonists. Scores, comments, personal and professional skills as well as the personal portfolio of each location. We are a family owned and operated business.

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